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Pandorion beads.

Delica beads

Delica Beads are more cylindrical in shape and have thinner walls than regular Seed Beads. Coming in a fantastic range of colours and styles they are more expensive than traditional seed beads. Delica Beads are wonderful for use in knitting, Crochet and loom Weaving Delica beads, delica beads, miyuki delica beads, japanese delica beads.

Beading kits

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Beads and findings

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Japanese seed beads

There are dozens of different types of seed beads available with a huge range of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. Beads vary in quality from manufacturer to manufacturer. A general rule of thumb to follow is that Japanese seed beads are the highest quality in terms of uniformity and consistency, Czech seed beads are also of a very high standard and similar in overall quality to Japanese.  Other beads from India, China or Africa can be of a slightly lesser quality, in terms of evenness of bead, but they still look great and are much cheaper.

Czech beads

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Bugle beads

Bugle beads are ideal for making beaded necklaces or to sew on fabric. Bugle Beads are manufactured in both the Czech Republic and Japan; In appearance Bugle Beads are narrow, glass tubes ranging from 2mm to 9mm in length, Bugles can have either round or square holes, but be wary of any sharp edges!